Five Things to Consider When Looking for a Good Houston Plumber in the Houston Texas Area

If you own a home in Houston, TX and have never had an issue with plumbing, consider yourself lucky. Plumbing problems are fairly common, especially if you live in an

older home. Some issues are easy to resolve for a handy homeowner, yet others may be a bit more complex and require enlisting the help of a Houston sewer repair plumber. Before calling the first plumber listed om the internet, there are five main things you should consider.

Good Pricing and Great Plumbing Service

Probably one of the first things to consider when hiring a dependable Houston plumber is price. If your plumbing issue is not a emergency that needs immediate attention, then take some time to call around and compare prices. Look for plumbers that will give written, detailed estimates, so you have an idea of what price range your needs are. The lowest priced plumber may not always be the best option. You want to find the most qualified plumber for your needs at the best price.

After comparing prices, consider asking around to see if anyone has a recommendation for a good plumber. It’s always good to hear first-hand from people that have worked with a certain plumber to see how they felt about the work done. Do they do it all: water heaters, bathroom remodeling, run gas lines and install natural gas appliances, repiping and leak detection. Ask what the plumber is like to work with, how fast he or she worked, if the plumber was fair, honest, and so on. If you don’t have anyone personally to ask, then ask the plumber you are considering for a few references. If the plumber doesn’t have references available, you may want to look for someone else.

Another important thing you should look for is a plumber that has a current license, is bonded and insured. Look for the license number in the advertisement, or displayed on the plumber’s truck. Many larger plumbing jobs could require city or township permits, which will require the plumber to be licensed. By choosing a plumber that you know already has a license, you can eliminate hassles that may come up later. Using a licensed plumber will also protect you in case anything goes wrong. Should a problem arise as a result of the plumber’s work, the plumber’s insurance will protect you, and the plumber will be more likely to stand by their work and/or provide emergency service in the event something unexpected arises.

In addition to considering price and looking for a plumber with a license, the amount of experience the plumber has is also very important. Just as in many jobs, hands-on experience can be much more valuable than textbook knowledge. Plumbers that have had more experience will be more prepared for unexpected surprises that may come along the way. Although a more experienced plumber may cost a bit more per hour, he or she will likely get the job done quicker than a less experienced plumber.

Finally, what type of guarantee does your Houston plumber offer? Will he or she be willing to offer a written agreement guaranteeing his or her work? How long will that guarantee last? Will it be one week, ninety days, or six months? Without a written guarantee, anything that goes wrong with the work could leave you responsible for paying to have it repaired again. Most reputable plumbers should offer some sort of guarantee with their work.

Plumbing issues and repairs are just one of the many aspects of home ownership. However, by doing your homework and comparing prices, finding recommendations, looking for licensed Houston plumbers with experience and finding a plumber that will guarantee his or her work, you can eliminate some unnecessary headaches.