Houston Residential and Commercial Sewer Repair

Call our Abacus Plumbing team of Houston sewer repair plumbing experts and you can expect quality service and rock bottom prices. Our Houston plumbers have been working for decades on projects just like yours. If you are looking for a home town company to do business with, call us at 713-929-2257. Our live operators answer the phones 24/7.

Houston Plumber Has Experience to Do Sewer Repairs Right

Houston sewer repair involves more than a basic understanding of plumbing and safety codes. Sewer repair Houston TX has expertise with the residential construction of the homes in the local area and we have worked with the local Houston inspectors. Our plumbers are trained to use the latest technologies and equipment that will do the job fast and effectively, saving you time and money.

Emergency Sewer Line Service Houston Texas

Our Houston Sewer Repair Plumbers have a fully staffed call center that answers your call day, nights and weekends, so go ahead and call now. Sewer problems are dangerous and destructive. Our plumbing technicians are specially trained in leak detection, sewer cleaning and drain cleaning. Each technician carries various types of drain cleaning machines and camera locators, which are necessary to locating and clearing your pipes.

Sewer Repair and Drain Cleaning

Our Houston Sewer Repair Plumber technicians are specially trained and experienced in all types of Houston sewer repair techniques. Each of our trucks carries various types of drain cleaning machines and video camera locators which are necessary to locating and clearing your pipes. If they can’t be cleared, we can replace the pipe using the latest techniques.

Once our master Houston plumber has made an exact determination of the drainage problem, you will be shown the video so you can see what is causing the clogged drain and all the alternative ways to make the necessary repairs. Together, both of you will determine which is the best option for your situation.

Abacus Plumbing is the Houston plumbing team to call for video sewer inspection and conventional sewer line repairs. We respond to emergency problems 24/7. Call our office anytime, day or night. Weekends and holidays, too, at 713-929-2257.